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IIA Annual Conference "06 March 2020 at 0900 - 16:00 London / United Kingdom"

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For any News or Media inquiries for the IIA Annual Conference please contact:

Liberate Media

Lloyd Gofton,

Tel: +44 (0)7919 353 484




Liberate Media is an earned media agency that delivers campaigns combining PR, social media and content marketing. We drive customer engagement and sales for brands by building conversation and communities with customers and other influencers.

Since our launch in 2006, Liberate Media has worked to drive combined social and traditional communications services for our clients including brands such as Pizza Express, Honda, Virgin Atlantic, Mail Online, WWF, RSPCA, Greenpeace and Center Parcs, as well as a wide range of challenger brands.

We believe communications agencies should be constantly evolving and open, developing approaches to suit the client’s requirements, and the demands of its audiences.

This is crucial for the success of a modern communications agency, as consumers and businesses do not live in a separated online and offline worlds, they cross the divide every day, which means an agency must meet them at their point of interest. Wherever that may be.


The Immigration Industry Association (IIA) is a Non-Profit Association formed by way of a Community Interest Company (CIC). Its purpose is to provide benefits and support to its Immigration Industry members and the wider migrant and expat community around the world.

The Core Objectives of the IIA are to:

  • Link the Immigration Industry, bring the immigration industry and community together
  • Facilitate introductions to increase our members’ referral business and partners
  • Provide a supportive forum for individuals, companies, non profits and government bodies within the Immigration Industry
  • Offer a duty of care to our members’ clients/candidates/customers
  • Provide a platform for our members to get their message out
  • Facilitate training, education and career development opportunities for the Immigration Industry (Network whilst you learn)
  • Provide industry-led research that assists members in achieving long-term strategic goals
  • Opportunities for members to expand into new business areas and markets
  • Networking opportunities for members by way of events, seminars, webinars, annual conference and trade missions to other jurisdictions
  • Provide confidence to members’ clients through the Immigration Industry Code of Practice and Quality Assurance Practices